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EAN kood8595568937650
Kaal0,0316 kg/pcs
Halogeenivaba materjaljah
Juhtiv materjaljah
Isekustuv30 s
Nimipinge<= 400 V
Nimivool<= 16 A
Temperatuurikindlus-5 - 60 °C
Põlemistest850 °C
Laius138 mm
Kõrgus68 mm
Sügavus50 mm
Puuritud augu läbimõõt68 mm
Kõigi toodete puhul, mis on paigaldatavad õõnesseina, soovitame kasutada meie tarnitud freesimisseadmeid.
Alusmaterjali tulekaitseklassA1 - F
Vahekaugus,kui ühendada 2 harukarpi71 mm
KaitsetüübidIP 30
StandardidČSN EN 60 670-1
Pakendi kirjeldus
harukarbid, mis on varustatud kipsplaadi paigaldamise kruvidega ja seadmekruvidige, harukarbid on lahtiselt kartongkastis

Halogen-free design of the double-injection hollow wall box for use in environments with increased need for protection of persons and property. For modern installations in composite frames. Distinctive rigidity and simple shape simplifies installation of devices. Inlet openings made of flexible material. Installation of the cable or pipe is done by pulling out the pre-moulded inlet on the flexible membranes and inserting the cable or pipe into the hole. The airtightness of the penetration is ensured even when the cable or pipe is inserted. Prevents air flow through the installation. Suitable for low-energy or passive houses. On the outside there are two pins marking the drilling points. The box meets the requirements for installations in soundproof walls with attenuation up to 69 dB. The mounting screws are double-tapped threaded for quick installation. Installation of the box in the wall opening is done by tightening the mounting screws. A box fitted with an appropriate cover or device with a rating greater than or equal to IP30 meets IP30. Protected by European industrial design. It is not necessary to countersink the edge of the plasterboard during installation.