EAN kood8595568938718
Kaal0,0161 kg/pcs
Halogeenivaba materjaljah
Juhtiv materjaljah
Temperatuurikindlus-25 - 60 °C
Lühiajaline temperatuuritaluvus90 °C
Põlemistest650 °C
Laius71 mm
Kõrgus90 mm
Alusmaterjali tulekaitseklassA1
Vahekaugus,kui ühendada 2 harukarpi71/90 mm
Pakendi kirjeldus5pcs packed in plastic bag

Support for cast concrete for splitting the box between opposing formwork. Support adapted for the insertion of the SB-M1 holding magnet for fixing the boxes or supports to the metal formwork. The possibility of fixing with nails or screws to wooden formwork. The possibility of connection with a pitch of 71 mm or 90 mm. It allows the opposite box to be fixed using steel rods 6 mm KBP-8 (not included in the package).

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