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EAN kood8595568936295
Kaal0,22 kg/pcs
Juhtiv materjaljah
Isekustuv30 s
Nimipinge<= 400 V
Nimivool<= 16 A
Temperatuurikindlus-25 - 60 °C
Põlemistest850 °C
Keskmine73 mm
Sügavus80 mm
Alusmaterjali tulekaitseklassA1 - F
Pakendi kirjeldusindividual sets packed in individual cartons

For the installation of smaller electrical devices (motion sensors, cameras, etc.) on insulated building facades with an insulation layer thickness of min. 80 mm. The mounting plate is suitable for facade polystyrenes and mineral wool. The box can also be mounted in finally made insulated facades. Maximum load 15N. The package includes a manual drilling set, mounting plate carrier, mounting plate, assembly instructions and appropriate screws. To install more plates, it is possible to order one MDFZ 80/VDZ set and hereinafter just MDFZ 80. Robust construction.

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