EAN kood8595568934116
Kaal3,10 kg/m
PinnaviimistlusRoostevaba teras AISI 304
Temperatuurikindlus-50 - 150 °C
Laius200 mm
Kõrgus110 mm
Pikkus2100 mm
StandardidČSN EN 61537
Metallplaadi paksus1,2 mm
Vaheseina kaugus300 mm

The joining of the ladders is performed by using the couplings INOXS 110 and min. 8 pcs of bolts NIXSM 6X10. The side walls are L-profiles with return flange. The perforated C-profile rungs are placed in the side walls by extrusion with a spacing of 300 mm, with open side of the profile facing up.

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