We are introducing last planned dimension within new series of parapet channels - parapet channel PK 170X65 D. Series is complete with it and is ready to fully replace parapet channels KOPOS with depth of 70mm.

PK 170X65 D + KP 80 PK   PK 170X65 D + QP 45X45

Parapet channels are divided into two chambers and both have its own lid. Wider chamber is covered by lid with 80 mm width that is intended for KP 80 PK or KP PK, boxes, which are suitable for mounting of classical devices. Smaller chamber allows mounting of modular devices 45x45 or/and 45x22.5 mm - e.g. QUADRO sockets QP 45X45 C_HB or QS 45X45 C_HB. There is no need for additional accessories for modular devices mounting. Partition between chambers is perforated for easy cable transition.

Channel follows PK 110X65 D and PK 90X55 D design and so it is characterized by clean design also, in which we are erasing the difference between the channel and its lid.

We are offering all standard accessories with the channels. Adjustable corners allow accurate installations even there, where walls are not at right angle to each other. Thanks to enlarged covers, the whole system is easy to install: there is no need for accurate cuts, but putting channels next to each other and attaching covers is just enough.

Dimensions: 170x65 mm
Installation: various types of underlying material with flammability class A1 to F
Material: PVC
Packaging: 2 m / 6 m, in carton
Temperature resistance: -5 to + 60 °C
Color: RAL 9003 white

Accessories – covers:

  • end 8231
  • connecting 8232
  • bending 8233
  • branching 8234
  • inner corner 8235
  • outer corner 8236
  • grommet 8237