KPL 64-50/4LD

product description:

designed for distribution system with voltage 400 V and with maximum current 16 A
designed for mounting into hollow walls (eg. walls of plasterboard)
inlet openings made of flexible material
marked inputs for sealing pipes in the flexible material (6x ø16-20 mm, 2x ø20-25 mm, 18x ø6-10 mm)
air-tightness even with inserted cable or pipe
suitable for low energy and passive houses
prevents airflow through the installation
mounting screws with plastic foot are fitted with a twin self-tapping thread for quick installation
instrument screws are tightened below the edge of the box
extended edge situated for easy overlay installed device
when mounting, it is not necessary to countersink the plasterboard edge
mounting space in the box is divided partitions membrane
possibility to insert screwless terminals


material: PVC (Pb Free)
color: yellow
self-snuffing: yes, within 30 s
temperature resistance: -5 - +60 °C
flaming loop test: 850 °C
fire class for underlying material: A1-F
weight: 132 g
certification: ČSN EN 60 670-1
storage: ČSN 64 0090


NA - boxes fitted with screws for mounting into double wall and device screws - package: 25 pcs boxes loose in cardboard



screwless terminal plates TYP015, TYP016, TYP017, TYP018


auxiliary tools:

saw-drill VPT 64
universal carrier VPTU