EAN kood8595568934956
Kaal0,02 kg/pcs
Juhtiv materjalyes
Isekustuv30 s
Nimipinge<= 400 V
Nimivool<= 16 A
Temperatuurikindlus-25 - 60 °C
Põlemistest850 °C
Alusmaterjali tulekaitseklassA1 - F
Pakendi kirjeldusindividual plugs wrapped in foil

Spare part KEZ-3/Z_KB is a separate blanking plug, which is usually supplied in a set of boxes for insulation KEZ-3. The blanking plug must be used only for the purposes prescribed in the installation instructions for the KEZ-3 box, ie for blinding one or both end positions of the KEZ-3 box. The blanking plug is not load-bearing, it is only used to cover the edge positions.