EAN kood8595568934574
Kaal0,0041 kg/pcs
Pinnaviimistlusgalvanic yellow zinc
Pikkus45 mm
Kruvi läbimõõt5 mm
Funktsionaalsus tulekahju ajalP90-R, E90, PS90
Tulekindluse standardidČSN 73 0895, DIN 4102-12, STN 92 0205

KHP dowel screw with functionality in case of fire. Fire resistance up to 90 minutes. Ideal connection for anchoring in aerated concrete (KVP screw + KHP dowel + 67XX_PO clamp). Furthermore, the screws can be used in chipboard, wood and other materials. Cross recessed countersunk head screw PZ. Reliable use for all wooden materials.

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