EAN kood8595568932334
Kaal0,0490 kg/pcs
Halogeenivaba materjaljah
Isekustuv30 s
Nimipinge<= 400 V
Nimivool<= 16 A
Temperatuurikindlus-5 - 60 °C
Põlemistest850 °C
Keskmine73 mm
Sügavus70 mm
Puuritud augu läbimõõt80 mm
Alusmaterjali tulekaitseklassA1 - F
Vahekaugus,kui ühendada 2 harukarpi71 mm
Võimalus ühendada 2 harukarpi järjestikkujah
KaitsetüübidIP 30
StandardidČSN EN 60 670-1
Pakendi kirjeldus
harukarbid on lahtiselt kartongistkastis,seadmekruvid ei ole monteeritud harukarpidesse

Easy installation of devices with great depth. Connection in a continuous row with a spacing of 71 mm possible. The boxes KPR 68/D can be connected to KP 68/D box or to each other. Inlet openings made of flexible material. The installation of the cable or pipe is performed by tearing out the prepressed inlet on the flexible membranes and inserting the cable or pipe into the created hole. Ensured airtightness of the passage even when the cable or pipe is inserted. Suitable for low-energy or passive houses. The IP30 protection a box fitted with an appropriate lid or a device with a higher or equal IP30 protection. Protected by a European industrial design and Utility model trademark.