EAN kood8595568932358
Kaal0,06 kg/pcs
Halogeenivaba materjaljah
Juhtiv materjaljah
Isekustuv30 s
Nimipinge<= 400 V
Nimivool<= 16 A
Temperatuurikindlus-5 - 60 °C
Põlemistest850 °C
horizontally max. 3 pieces of boxes next to each other, vertically max. 2 pieces next to each other
Laius73 mm
Kõrgus68 mm
Sügavus47 mm
Puuritud augu läbimõõt73 mm
Kõigi toodete puhul, mis on paigaldatavd õõnesseina, soovitame kasutada meie tarnitud freesimisseadmeid.
Tulekahju reaktsiooniklassA1 - F
Võimalus ühendada 2 harukarpi järjestikkujah
StandardidČSN EN 60 670-1, ČSN EN 1363-1:2013
Tulekindluse standardidEI 15 - EI 120
Pakendi kirjeldus
the box is fitted with screws for fixing onto plasterboard and with instrument screws, pack loosely in a box

Wiring device box for fire partitions. Suitable for installation in plasterboard and aerated concrete structures. Designed for distribution with voltage up to 400 V. Inlet openings made of flexible material. Ensured airtightness of the passage even when the cable or pipe is inserted. Foaming material on the outside and inside of the box. In the event of a fire, this material quickly changes its volume (swells) and thus seals the installation opening of the box and prevents the passage of fire through the partition. The diameter of the installation hole is 73 mm. Mounting screws and metal feets are provided with a three-way thread for quick installation. Suitable for buildings with increased personal and property protection in case of fire. The box is available in selected countries.

Note for system with maintained functionality in fire:
Fire integrity and insulation up to 120 minutes (EI 15 - EI 120). The fire protection material inside and outside the box.
The PO classification is dependent on the specific placement of the box in plasterboard or aerated concrete, detailed in the new catalog – Systems with maintained functionality in fire.

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